The Importance of Hydration to the Skin

Hydrated Skin Simply Looks Better!

Are you putting lotion on your skin every day as soon as you get out of the shower, but it feels dry by mid-day?

The first question we ask our patients with this problem is: are you drinking enough water? It may seem impossible to get enough water, but there are multiple benefits. Science shows that a half-gallon of water each day makes all the difference. Water flushes out impurities in your system – that’s one benefit. The biggie from a dermatology perspective is that water helps keep your skin supple. This is a must-do for healthy skin.

We hate to break it to you, but the ingredients in the lotion you are using may be a problem. Many lotions contain alcohol – a drying agent!  We offer several body lotions with ingredients like Vitamin E and Omega-3.  You may be under the impression that our lotions would cost more, but we have a variety or price ranges because we want everyone to have better skin for a better life®!

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