Are you wondering how to get rid of maskne? Mask induced acne is a real thing. 

Here are three simple steps to improve maskne:

1. Wash your mask daily to eliminate dirt and bacteria.

2. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer as a skin barrier of friction.

3. Use a gentle acne cleanser followed by a gentle acne medication or product with salicylic or glycolic acid.

Frustrated with acne? Product and treatment recommendations from Lynn Swafford, PA-C:

I frequently utilize combinations of acne therapies to clear the skin including medications applied directly to the skin, prescription oral therapies (including antibiotics or hormone therapy), and procedures (light therapy, facials with extractions, or chemical peels). In addition, you can reduce your acne by following certain skin care tips. Wash twice daily (not more!) with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser and ALWAYS remove make-up prior to bedtime. Choose skin care products and cosmetics labeled “non-comedogenic” or non-acne causing. Apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer both morning and night. Excessive drying of the skin can aggravate acne. Lastly, always remember acne does not clear up overnight. I always emphasize it will take time to see improvement. I recognize this can be incredibly frustrating. Remain patient and compliant with your recommended regimen and you will see results. You can have clear skin and we want to help you achieve better skin for a better life.®


Lynn Swafford & the entire Sunflower team

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