Dr. Matthys, Dr. Menser, Dr. Rudloff, Lynn Swafford, PA-C, Hannah Vance, NP-C and Stacey Schultz, PA-C can see you virtually.

Call 816-205-8120 to update your insurance information before your appointment to ensure your claim is processed correctly. Please complete below steps 15-minutes before your appointment!

Step 1:

Download the PocketPatient application on your cell phone.

Step 2:

Type epiphanyderm.ema.md as the website and enter your patient portal login credentials. 


Before your appointment, select “Virtual” at the top and then click “Request Virtual Check-In” and complete the check-in process.

Step 4: 

Navigate back to the “Video” tab and wait for your provider to initiate the visit. If you enable push notifications, you may leave the application and you will receive a notification when the provider calls you. Please allow 15 minutes for the provider to initiate your visit. When you receive the notification, reopen the application (you may need to login again) and select the video tab and click “Join Video Visit.” 

*Your provider may message you additional questions or if they are running behind before your visit. To view and respond to messages, click the “Messages” tab at the bottom.  

Step 5:

Enjoy your visit!

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